Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Massachusetts Bothers Me

Gun banners make me tired. They just won't stop mumbling their poisoned mantra, "Guns are bad, we won't ban sportsmen's guns, except all guns are bad, and then we will define out of existence all sportsmen's guns, trust us, trust us, o mani padmi hmm." Repeat ad infinitum.

So, what set me off today? Glad you asked. Bruce of mAssBackwards found this little poison pill in the Boston Globe. It's an unsigned editorial from yesterday--meaning it's the voice of the editorial board. They're dismayed at a perceived glut of guns coming from New Hampshire and Maine. Bruce covers it well so be sure to click-click on the link above and give it a read--it's well worth your time.

I had a ho-hum feeling after my first reading of the editorial. Wow, Boston Globe editors don't like guns. There's a newsflash for you. Jeez, their editors support things that would harm honest gun owners. Stop the presses.

But, hidden inside the editorial there's an insidious little worm that left me cold and caused a closer read. Here's the entire paragraph:
Local and federal law enforcement officials in Boston can't do much to influence handgun policies in the Southern states, where about a third of the illegal guns found in Boston originate. But the increasing levels of regional cooperation required by homeland security concerns suggest that police departments and federal officials could join forces to close gun show loopholes across New England. [Emphasis mine.]
What the hell does this mean? Liberal pundits and newspapers have been excoriating the Patriot Act and other anti-terrorism measures as a threat to freedom and now they're turning around and saying it is a good thing. Guys, it's one or the other. You can't support library and press freedoms while advocating the suppression of gun freedoms. The tools forged to accomplish the latter can and will be used against the former at least some day.

I don't know if "regional cooperation required by homeland security" poses a real threat to New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont gunnies. Maybe it could even be a good thing if free states could force Massachusetts to ameliorate its laws (fat chance). Still, it leaves me cold.

I moved out of Massachusetts to get away from its freaking gun laws. Now that damn state is trying to bring them into New Hampshire.

So you Massachusetts pols, stop trying to subvert our gun laws. We're happy with them. Stop trying to pervert the English language itself (gun show loophole indeed). Take care of your own damn problems and leave the rest of us alone.

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