Thursday, March 30, 2006

BAG Day Dilemma Solved (Partially)

I mentioned that I am having a BAG (Buy A Gun) Day dilemma. I’m just not sure what to buy this year. My earlier post garnered a lot of welcome advice, but I already own most of the guns y’all recommended. What can I say—I’m a woman who’d rather buy guns than shoes. Besides, have you ever priced Manolo Blahnik shoes? Guns don’t cost as much and last a lot longer.

There’s one gun I saw recently that talked to me. It’s a Colt Model 1903 Pocket Pistol. I already own one of these wonderful little guns, but this other one has a deep blue that was discontinued in 1914 and the very old pattern grips. Right now it’s a little too pricey for me, so it can shout and scream all it wants, but it’s going to stay in the gun dealer’s case.

I will be attending a gun show in a couple of weeks and I’m leaving my options open just in case I see a collectible piece for a good price (as if I’ll ever see that at a gun show).

In the likely event that I won’t see such a gun, I’ve picked out two guns, one of which I’ll buy for BAG Day depending on price and availability. Drum roll, maestro.

The first and slightly higher in my priorities is a coach gun suitable for Cowboy Action Shooting. I’ve toyed with the idea of giving Cowboy shooting a try. It’s a three gun contest, looks fun, and I’ve got all the guns I need except for a Cowboy-type shotgun. The Baikal-made Remington-distributed Spartan shotgun could fit the bill (second one on the page). I like the exposed hammers simply because all my other shotguns don’t have exposed hammers and if one’s going to be old-fashioned then one might as well go whole hog.

My second choice is a .22 caliber plinking handgun. I hate to admit, but I don’t own one yet. I’ve used Bill's Beretta Neos, but there’s nothing like shooting your own gun. If I see one that I like (they do come in different colors and patterns), I’ll buy a Walther P22. I’d probably go with the extended 5 inch target barrel, but then again for plinking….

So, that’s my BAG Day plans. Be sure to make some of your own.

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