Friday, January 20, 2006

Wadcutter, Handgun Preferences, and Religion

I’m fairly busy at work today and I wasn’t able to write another of my sometimes too long gun essays at lunch. I did have time to read Wadcutter’s wonderful post equating handgun preferences to religions. Wadcutter’s categories are so appropriate.

To describe myself in Wadcutterian terms, I have to say first that my prophet is John Moses Browning, but Daniel Wesson was he who foretold the advent of Browning. Hmmm…maybe I better not take this religious thing too far; people might think I have a shrine to Browning in my living room; okay I do, but it’s not in my living room, it’s next to my reloading/gun bench; oh no better delete this; don’t want people to think I’m a gun nut. And thus may the tactical Tupperware of the unbeliever never stain my hands. (Seriously, I like all guns, but prefer traditional wood and blued metal ones.)

I guess my handgun preferences don’t fit perfectly into Wadcutter’s categories, but they do make me a gun fundamentalist of some sort—maybe Pentecostal.

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