Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Visit with Blog Friends

They’ve kept me very busy at work today, so I had no time at lunch to write something worth the bits it takes to post them. Work always gets in the way of one’s life. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do (most of the time), but there’re days when housewifery looks really good. But, to paraphrase a Seven Dwarves song, “I owe, I owe it’s off to work I go.”

The upshot is I don’t have any original content today. Still, there are good things out there to read. Alphecca has a long “Weekly Check on the Bias” today. It’s a must read.

Reasonable Nut points us to an older Texican Tattler post about Tactical Tommy. If it doesn’t make you laugh, take your pulse.

Countertop Chronicles had a blogiversary yesterday. Go over and wish him a happy second anniversary. He graciously is running “The Gunnies” awards. Ten Ring was nominated in two categories; Best Range Reports (I guess the “One From the Vault” series) and Best Commentary. I want to thank the person(s) who nominated Ten Ring—it’s an honor just to be nominated. If you feel like giving Ten Ring a vote, well I won’t stop you (I say blushing).

Finally, Geek with a .45 reports on New Jersey’s new Attorney General, Zulima Farber. She became a more dedicated anti-gunnie when a thug robbed her at knife point. She was so mad she felt she could have shot the running thug in his back. That thought made her want to take guns away from everyone else. Can you say projection?

That's all for right now, back to the mines I go along with Sneezey, Dopey, Doc and the rest.

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