Friday, January 20, 2006

Frank Lindh Made Me Mad

[Semi-Edited Rant mode On]
Ten Ring is not a current affairs or news blog. But, every now and again something incenses me to the point I have to shout about it. Frank Lindh is the father of "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh and he gave a speech yesterday asking for executive clemency for his son. But, first let me refresh your memory a little.

You remember John W. Lindh. He was a Marin County, California kid who became a convert to Islam. With his parent's blessings he went to the Middle East to learn Arabic and memorize the Koran.

He gravitated toward the extremists and ended up in camps in Afghanistan where he heard Osama bin Laden give speeches. He became a soldier with the Taliban. When America invaded Afghanistan, he was captured while under arms. US forces roughed him up a little bit once they learned he was an American.

He made a plea bargain deal in which he agreed not to pursue charges against those who roughed him up. He was convicted of bearing arms against American troops, among other charges. He got twenty years in a Federal prison.

Now, Frank Lindh has the chutzpah, the gall, the stones to ask for clemency for his son. Let me tell you something Frank, you ignorant ass, your son already got clemency. He got twenty years instead of a life sentence or a lethal injection. Your foolish son will get out of prison before he's forty. He already got off lightly.

Be happy with that you idiot. Your son deserved a bullet or a noose, so stop your whining and go away. Meanwhile, ask yourself what you did wrong to raise a son who found his life so lacking that he turned his back on America, took arms against her soldiers, adopted the most extreme expression of a religion. Your son should be rotting in a grave, so enjoy your frequent visits with him in a medium security prison. Long may you have to make those visits.
[Rant Mode Off--we now return to our regularly scheduled gun-nuttery.]

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