Thursday, January 12, 2006

GPS Tracking for Guns, Another Bad Idea

Does anyone need more proof that gun-banners are stupid? Does anyone need more proof that gun-banners have no idea how guns work, are made, or used? Does anyone need more proof that gun-banners have no idea of the political ramifications of their nutty ideas?

If you do need more proof, well here it is from the wonderful state of Massachusetts. A Boston city counselor, Rob Consalvo, wants to have all guns fitted with GPS tracking devices. Such a regulation would apply first to new guns and then older guns would have to be retrofitted with such a device.

Consalvo possibly got his idea form the Lo-Jack system used to locate stolen cars. He believes such a system would enable police to track and recover stolen guns. Of course he calls it “…a common-sense idea.” Gun-banners always use that phrase and I don’t it means what they think it means (gratuitous reference to The Princess Bride).

For one thing, the idea is not common sense. When a gun is fired there’s a fair amount of recoil. Electronic parts would have to be very robust to stand up to repeated firings. For another, handguns don’t have a lot of room inside of them for gadgetry. Now, someone could design a handgun that could house a GPS system, but it would no longer be concealable for law-abiding people to use for personal defense.

Of course, that’s the point of these “common-sense” ideas. These ignorant gun-banners want to make guns illegal. If they can’t do that they want to make owning them so onerous that many people will never buy one (see the sidebar for our posts on Massachusetts’s gun laws).

If that still doesn’t work then they want to re-jigger (polite term for fuck-up) gun design by adding GPS systems, owner recognition systems (smart guns), safety locks, and anything else they think is a “common-sense” idea. That would make guns expensive, impossible to carry for self-defense, and hard to use.

One more strategy if all else fails; make guns so expensive that only the beautiful people, the elites, will be able to afford them. That’s what is behind most gun laws anyway.

The only thing that frustrates the gun-grabbers is gun owners: you and me. Most gun owners see through these attempts at gun banning or limiting guns only to elitists. We must fight these elitist, statist, and ignorant ideas.


Anonymous said...

Have gps unlock the gun at applicants approved locations Im assuming a radius in feet around there home would be one of them. But not the bank, school, movie theater,Ect. Also have it, if the guns electronics or lock is tamperd with, would sever the firing pin and send out becon perminetly dismantled. That would pretty much cover it all.

Anonymous said...


GPS on guns.
This is bad because anybody can track the gun and use that info against you.( government hackers and criminals )

Instead of putting gps on guns maybe put a receiver. (Passive RFID) or Technoigy not developed yet.
And at the safe zones have the radio signal broadcast a disable signal (range 300 feet of safe zone)
This way no tracking information is being sent or received. Just on or off.

Something likes how a radio works. Able to receive a signal within a certain range and within that range it will disable the fully automatic mode or disable the gun until its out of that range. The gun would be able to work normally when not in the range of a school or church ext.
But have it act like save zones.
Now how to answer the question about government tyranny.
This one is a hard thing to look at because no matter what side of the fence you sit on some opposition is going to happen.
Fully automatic Guns that predate this system are still legal but make it to where these types of guns are made in lower numbers.
Not illegal just harder to get dependant on price and availability.

This is only pertaining to fully automatic guns.

Hunting guns, hand guns and any gun with a round rate lower than say 12 rounds will be unaffected.
This is only an Idea that can be modified and changed till we get all the bugs worked out, BUT we have to Start somewhere.

In closing I do not think this is the type of thing I want the Government to be a part of but sort of a industry standard.
For all the fully automatic weapons something needs to be done.

How do we determine Safe Zones.
That’s a hard one too.
Schools Churches Library’s I think any public place BUT in limited/approved places. approved by a vote or 3rd party.
Gun Bans don’t work but limited mode might be a compromise.
I think this is just enough change that the people are willing to accept.

Any more any I don’t think this will happen. Reality.

Why a 3rd party?
Well why not. Government has this own agenda. It’s better to have somebody without a agenda you get better and unbiased results.

Anonymous said...

A simple idea.
We all know that many technologies nowadays are pretty well advanced, basically anything can be made to fit a need for any new or pre existing product in the proper way without compromising the effectiveness of any product.
With guns, it's certainly possible to integrate a sturdy data collecting micro transmitter with gps capabilities into any gun design. The gps would not be on at all times but only activated once a gun is fired. When a gun is fired, information could be sent to a police database. Simple information, instant and to the point. Where and when a gun was fired.
Call me naive but I see no harm in something like that.