Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NRA Convention and Buy A Gun Day

Once again, Yosemite Sam and I will attend the NRA convention in St. Louis. My work has been an omnipresent, calculating, and time-gulping bitch lately. So much so, that I can’t get enough time off for travel. Yosemite Sam will drive out there and visit his family along the way. I’ll fly out on Friday and meet him at the convention and then we’ll drive back together.

On our way back, we plan to Support Buy A Gun Day. Yosemite Sam chose a few stores in Ohio to visit and we intend to add to our collection if the right gun at the right price presents itself--sometimes that C&R license really comes in handy. If you have any favorite gun stores in the Eastern Midwest (if there’s such a thing) just let us know.

We’ll blog about the convention (complete with pictures), Buy A Gun Day, any notable events or visits, so keep watching this space.

(Oh and just an event of note: This is my 500th post. I tend to write essays rather than make small news-oriented posts, so it took me awhile to get there.)

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