Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reason 2345323 why I hate Fuddites

So much for a quiet, peaceful, carefree, Sunday. I decided to check out the Intertubes and click over to Instapundit and see a link to a post by some fuddite. I click over to the post and read it and do a double take.

Did he just call AR-15 owners, terrorists?

"I'll go so far as to call them "terrorist" rifles."

He did.

Now I’m getting pissed. I start to read the comments to this post and begin to realize that there must be thousands. I skim through them and realize that the whole Internet gun-owning community is pissed, really pissed.

Then I read Mr. Fudd’s CYA apology( he even drags out the Nuge man himself) and if anything I am angrier. No real apology for calling AR-15 owners terrorists. The sense I got was that he was apologizing for the shit storm he released and not his original post, which I think shows his true feelings.

Now, I’m clicking all over the gunny blogosphere and everyone(Tam, Smallest Minority , War on Guns and Pistolero ) is taking him to task. Be sure to click over to this post by Michael Bane and read his comments. I guess that there is a lot of mumbling about boycotts and the owner of Remington is saying to please cool this talk since they will take out the trash.

As I read in a comment on one of the multitudinous posts covering this issue: Mr. Fudd needs to spend the rest of his life sitting on the porch eating oatmeal. With friends like this………

Just as I was finishing up on this post, Michael Bane and Smallest Minority have posts up about how the Bradys are already crowing about their new friend. We'll be years undoing this travesty. Zumbo(Dumbo) has got to go.

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