Monday, February 19, 2007

More Zumbo-Dumbo Thoughts

My, my, my. What a blogswarm. You've seen what Jim Zumbo, now forever called Dumbo, said. If not, here's Yosemite Sam's post on the matter to bring you up to speed. If you want to read Zumbo's blog, be forewarned that there are well over 2,000 comments and it could load slooowwwwlllllyyyy.

Zumbo said that AR-type rifles were not hunting arms. That there is no place in the hunting sports for them. He said he'd never seen anyone hunt with them although they're used a lot in prairie dog and coyote hunting.

If I take him at face value then I have two thoughts. One, he is (was) an elite hunter who's (former) sponsors ensure he had the best hunting experience far from the madding crowd. Or, he has blocked out the sight of hunters using the dreaded evil black rifles.

He states he's a traditionalist and prefers the dedicated hunting rifle. Well, I'm a traditionalist and that doesn't stop me from owning, shooting, an enjoying an AR-15. I like guns. I like 'em with synthetic stocks, I like 'em with wood, I like 'em with blued metal, I like 'em parkerized. You get the idea. I'm an unabashed gun nut although I prefer some guns over others.

That's the problem. Hunters, shotgunners, and others aren't gun nuts. Some hunters may shoot a box of 20 rifle rounds a year. They come to a range, sight-in, take a few practice shots, and then go hunting the next weekend. Fuddites (Elmer Fudd wannabes) one and all.

The same is true about shotgun sports enthusiasts who don't support other gun sports. John Rosenthal owns shotguns and uses them in skeet and/or trap shooting. He would gladly support bans on your black rifles, your handguns, maybe even your pump-action shotguns. I suppose I could make an argument about Cowboy Action Shooters who may think black rifles are evil, but you get the idea. With gun owners like these who needs enemies.

Gun owners like Zumbo and Rosenthal don't understand that we're all in this together. Gun banners don't want us to have guns period. They're dedicated to this idea and they're satisfied though not happy to move in baby steps. They're incrementalists who know they cannot win today, but they might chip away at gun rights.

They're satisfied to bans guns one type at a time. If they can ban black rifles, they will move to handguns, they will move to repeating shotguns, and finally go after the fine Purdeys that only the elites can afford.

Then again, maybe they'll stop at the truly fine guns because only their kinda people can afford them. That way the disgusting hoi polloi will be disarmed and the elites can then have a truly great society to shape as they will.

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