Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guns, Mayors, and Hard Issues

This is hardly news now, but another mayor has defected from New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s group. You know, the group that wants to stop “illegal” guns, even if it hurts the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Mayor Mark Begich of Anchorage, Alaska wrote a letter to the local paper (second on page) saying that while he’s concerned with gun crime in Anchorage, he realized Bloomberg’s ideas conflict with the right to bear arms. He was also dismayed that pro-gun groups were not part of the discussion.

I’m not writing this post because another mayor has left Bloomberg’s phony coalition. No, I’m posting to remind people that anti-gunnies can fool even our friends. Bloomberg and his ilk discuss law and order. They point to the real problem of teenage hoods with guns. They say they want to stop the killing and the wounding.

The only thing they will examine is banning or making guns harder to get. They look at ways of getting guns away from law-abiding gun owners knowing that they are the only ones who will obey anti-gun laws.

They refuse to look directly at several problems. They won’t look at the role of an armed citizenry. They ignore or discount any evidence that civilian use of guns could reduce crime. They won’t look at making sure teenage thugs spend hard-time in prison if they abuse a gun. They don’t look at the fact that too many young black men are killing too many young black men.

These are hard issues. Instead of dealing with them, they would rather figure out a way to register your guns, so that they could confiscate them if they think they could get away with it. Failing that, they would make it illegal for you to buy more than one gun a month. They would support total handgun bans in cities.

Mayor Begich was taken in by Bloomberg’s platitudes, but Begich finally saw the light. Make sure that you aren’t fooled by anti-freedom words disguised in law and order rhetoric.

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