Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calling People Fuddite

The dust is settling from l’affaire Zumbo. Cooler heads have spoken. They point out (in comments to my last post) that words like Fuddites and Elmer Fudd wannabees are hurtful.

Bitter has argued that we should have taken the opportunity to educate Jim Zumbo and those who might agree with him. Comments to Tam’s recent post said similar things.

Maybe they’re right and then again maybe not.

Here’s the thing; there are gun owners out there who cry out for terms like fuddite. Think about it for a minute. John Kerry is a hunter. He went out during the 2004 campaign, shot a goose, and did other huntsman like things. He proved, at least to me, that he could handle a shotgun. Yet, I wouldn’t trust him to protect my gun rights.

There are other gun owners who are hunters first and gun owners second. There are hunters and shotgun sports enthusiasts who look down at handgun sports, repeating shotguns, and especially black rifles.

Yosemite and I have ran into range curmudgeons who’ve disparaged our pump-action shotguns and that post was inspired by a similar experience of SayUncle’s.

I’ve received an e-mail saying my posts are well-written and well-reasoned, but too long. For the sake of brevity, I'm going to break now and take up this idea a little later. But, the upshot is there are some gun owners who simply must be described in a term like fuddite. If you can think of more polite, but descriptive term, then be my guest.

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