Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Year Ago Today

Well, Yosemite Sam (Bill) and I made it through our first year of blogging. When we started this blog, we didn’t know if we’d last one month let alone an entire year. As of this writing, we’ve made 280 posts; we’ve had 52,285 visitors and 79,601 page views.

We’ve kept to our initial premise that Ten Ring is a gun blog first and foremost. A few of our posts have been on other subjects and we will continue to throw in an occasional non-gun post. Bill and I have other interests outside of guns and shooting. We discuss politics a lot, spend too much money on books, watch movies and television, and we even have been now to gamble on rare occasion. But, Ten Ring is about guns and our passion for them and will remain so.

We want to thank our fellow gunnies who keep coming back. We enjoy your comments (I have to mention Seth from Massachusetts, a walking encyclopedia of gun knowledge) and links. It’s been a good year for us and the blog. . May 2006 be even better.

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