Friday, December 23, 2005

Blogroll Update

Yosemite Sam and I have been remiss in keeping our blogroll up to date. Well, I've corrected that by adding several blogs to our roll. If you haven't discovered any of these fine blogs listed below yet, go over and give them a read.

By the way, if you already link to Ten Ring and we don't list your site in our blogroll, put your site name and URL in a comment. Similarly, if you'd like us to put a link to your site on Ten Ring, put a link in a comment and we'll head over there--we would appreciate reciprocity. I will add one caveat however; if a site advocates things I can't abide by (violent overthrow of the government, racist screeds, gun-banning, gun-hating, and general anti-gunnie stuff, then no linky).

So, here are our additions (in no particular order):

Primarily Gun Blogs
Fish or Man: a blog dedicated by gun rights written by someone has risked jail for gun rights

South Park Pundit: a gunnie with a sense of humor who lives in California while attending college with moonbats

The Trainer: a gun and military blog with humor thrown in

Cam Edwards: the blogger is the radio spokesman for NRA News, need I say more

Irons in the Fire: a blacksmith, gunnie, and a man with an opinion

View from the Porch: a female gun blogger who sells guns for a living--very knowledgeable and well worth a read--she has good taste since she uses the same template as Ten Ring

Xavier Thoughts: a gunnie who prowls pawn shops and reports his finds

Other Types of Blogs (most with good gun content)
Free Market Fairy Tales: a British supporter of gun rights who writes on many topics, enjoy

Right Wing Nation: the name says it all, except for the attitude

Oscar Poppa: a gun owner and book collector, just like me--almost

I also updated the link for Kim's new site.

To paraphrase Porky Pig, "That's all for now, folks."

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