Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stranded in Massachusetts

Sorry for the limited posting. I'm stranded in Stockbridge, Massachusetts at a "retreat" and work session my boss set up. We have limited access to computers and I grabbed this one the first chance I got. I don't even have cell phone coverage here. I feel so cut off.

Most importantly, this is in Massachusetts and I don't have a gun. Not even in my suitcase. One can't get caught here with such a useful tool. If hotel management would find it and if they called the cops, I could conceivably lose my gun rights on a Federal level. Massachusetts' laws and punishments are that draconian. It's one reason I left the stupid state.

Unfortunately, I have to work in Massachusetts and all my co-workers except one lives in this benighted state. Almost all of them are anti-gunnies and don't understand that a gun is a tool and can do nothing on its own. For these benighted people, a gun is a talisman that equates to all evil. Oh well, I need to find a job in New Hampshire. Easier said than done in my profession.

Well, I'd better run. Talk to you all later.

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