Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jack and Jill Postal Match

I'm home today. I took some sick leave since I'm doing my best to fight off a lousy cold. This gives me a break from my big work project and I can actually get something posted. How 'bout that.

In my previous post, I mentioned that weekend before last Bill and I shot Mr. Completely's "Jack and Jill" postal match. Part of the challenge was to ensure you have a person of the opposite sex shoot with you. That's never a challenge for Bill and I. We both used .22 target pistols. We have to get ready for our winter's bullseye league.

We did okay, but I thought I'd score higher than I did. The match had these dime-sized bulls on each corner worth 25 points apiece. When I shot from a rest I tried to get two of them. Almost got one, but I decided I was wasting my shots so went up to the larger bull and shot it. As Mr. Completely said, "These bonus bulls are definitely 'High Value -High Risk'." They were for me--risk that is. Oh well, it wouldn't be worth trying if it were easy.

Here are our scores:
Combined Total: 345
Denise Total: 171 (rest target was 79 since I missed the two high risk bulls, offhand was 92--see I should have know better)
Bill Total: 174 (rest target was 84--it had one flyer--offhand was 90).

And, without any further ado here are our targets:

Bill's from a rest

Bill's Offhand

Denise's from a Rest

Denise's Offhand

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