Thursday, August 18, 2005

Policial Correctness Nuttery

Well, once again I have to apologize for sporadic posting. It’s work pressure. My supervisors placed me on a project that requires much mental gymnastics, writing, and thinking. I haven’t had the time to read other guns blogs, media, etc. And, I haven’t been too eager to write after spending work hours pounding keyboards. Oh well, enough whining.

One update, my co-worker was not able to go shooting this past weekend. He was “volunteered” to man a display at work on Saturday and couldn’t go shooting on Sunday. We are aiming (no pun intended) for this weekend. I’ll keep you updated.

Recently a little thought kept nudging me in the back of my head. In Stalin’s Soviet Union when Stalin purged a party leader (sent to Siberia or "given" a bullet), his propaganda ministry would carefully retouch historic photos that included the now-purged party leader. Soon, the exiled or dead party leader would disappear from history.

It’s possible that politically correct (PC) minded people are trying to do it with guns. If you can make guns disappear, eventually “gun culture” will disappear. It may take a few generations, but perhaps one day a person will see a picture of a gun that a PC propagandist missed and won’t know what it is.

Look at how images and mentions of guns are disappearing. John Lott reports that Disney used Steppenwolf “Born to be Wild” in a recent movie and rewrote the lyrics changing “fire all of your guns at once” to “fire all your engines at once.” (Hat tip to Alphecca).

New Mexico State University’s mascot was “Pistol Pete.” This summer they took his pistol away and gave him a lasso. Similarly, the annual “Red River Shootout” football fame between Texas and Oklahoma is now the “Red River Rivalry.” If you want an older one showing a trend, in 2003 a principal at a Louisiana junior high dropped a shotgun toting mascot. And, we’re talking about anti-gun PC in red states.

There are other examples I could give, but one from a blue state came right out of a team’s anti-violence campaign. Washington D.C.’s professional basketball team is the Washington Wizards formerly the Washington (and earlier Baltimore) Bullets. Team owner Abe Pollin deliberately renamed the team as an ant-violence symbol.

Now, a few examples don’t make a conspiracy, but anti-gunnies are losing politically and culturally while gunnies are winning battles in Congress. Also, more people own guns than five years ago. If they can’t win any other way, gun banners will try to win intellectual battles. PC anti-gun nuttery needs watching.

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