Monday, August 08, 2005

Odds and Ends (and New Postal Match)

Today’s post will tidy things up a bit. You know, follow up on old posts and write in a meandering fashion.

We bought Bill an AK clone for his birthday. We were planning to take it out this weekend, but he ended up feeling really under the weather. We didn’t get out, but there’s always this coming weekend. If we get a chance to shoot it, a range report will follow. Like I said, I’m new to AK clones, so shooting it will be new to me.

Speaking of this coming weekend, I will be taking a co-worker to the range as I posted Friday. He hasn’t shot anything before, but he’s a history buff. My post garnered two comments with excellent advice. One was from frequent commenter “blueeyes” and the other from ZendoDeb of .357 Magnum.

ZendoDeb recommends starting someone small so that fear and recoil is less an issue. That's an excellent idea. Recoil doesn’t bother me, but it could bother him. I’ll be on the look-out for that. I'll start off with a .22 rifle and we’ll move up to battle rifles. As a history buff with a significant interest in World War II, he really wants to handle and shoot the old rifles. Also, I'll be stressing safety. I’ve taught others to shoot (I'm an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and I've been a certified handgun instructor). Safety must come first.

Random Nuclear Strikes has a new Postal Match. This time it’s with rifles and you can use scopes. Go take a look. If Bill and I can work around our schedules,we’ll get busy and shoot this one.

We did shoot Mr. Completely’s diabolical Flyswatter match. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would given that it was a deceptively simple task that turned into a fiendishly hard exercise in frustration.

Postal Matches are a good way to get out and shoot in a way you ordinarily wouldn’t try. Go out and give one a whirl.

Well, that’s all for now, more content tomorrow.

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