Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ted, White, and Blue: A Gunnie Book Review

Ted Nugent has done it again. He’s written another book with a subtitle of “The Nugent Manifesto.” If you don’t know Ted Nugent, where’ve you been living for the last thirty-some years? He’s a rock star best know for “Cat Scratch Fever,” a bowhunter with several TV shows in his quiver (couldn’t resist), and a gun advocate sitting on the NRA’s Board of Directors.

He’s not for everyone. He has an over the top writing and speaking style that is often blasted by liberals and gun banners. I’ve heard him talk at NRA conventions and don’t always agree with the way he puts things, but I can’t say he’s wrong either.

So, I gave Ted, White, and Blue a read. Surprisingly, he somewhat toned down his gonzo, balls to the wall style. Don't worry, he still speaks his mind and pulls no punches, but he wants people to read his book.

The book's been out a few months now. He wrote the book before the election and there are parts that are now a little dated (current events sure move fast). Still, there’s a lot in here that is not dependent on what’s in the news cycle right this minute.

He stays away, for the most part, from gun rights and covers topics that include health care policies, obesity, immigration, fighting terrorism, and other subjects.

He comes down on the side of personal responsibility, except he blames parents of obese children for turning their kids into, “pathetic fat zombies in front of the garbage videobox….” He believes that you need to step away from the doughnut, and that you should pay for your own health care. Fiscally, he wants Uncle Sam to go on a diet as well.

He says forthrightly that, “The people who enter America illegally have committed a crime. That makes them criminals…” He wants them treated as such and shown the door. He believes the War on Terror should be fought hard.

He discusses other hot button issues such as global warming, energy sources, and many more topics. He is advocating something quite radical and yet traditional at the same time. He wants government to leave us alone, he wants every one to succeed on their own merits, he wants secure borders.

On top of all this, he buys ammo by the pallet load. Take a second and re-read the last sentence—pallet load, I am so envious.

I’ve said many times that I want government to leave me alone. I don’t want a government that will take away guns, nor have one that will tell me to go to church. Nugent and I see eye to eye on those points and more. I don’t think I would ever call people “land whales” or say fat “…kids look like miniature versions of Michael Moore.” (Shudder). But that’s just me.

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