Monday, January 05, 2009

Hearing while Shooting, Part II

Yosemite Sam and I are back at work after taking almost two weeks off for Christmas and New Year's. It was damn hard to get up this morning and make my commute to work. I'd forgotten what 5:30am looked like.

While vacationing, we ended up at a Cabela's and I bought a pair of electronic earmuffs. I blogged that I'm hard of hearing and missed a crucial range command. Many of you gave me some good advice about products. Joel mentioned the Sonic II earplugs. Yosemite Sam and I already own the plugs, but they don't help me at all. They work great for Yosemite though.

I bought a middle of the road pair in terms of cost. They're a pair of Howard Leight Sport Impact muffs, which Jed recommended in the comments to the post above. I haven't tried them out at the range, but I put them on for a few minutes while watching TV. They amplify sound very well. They take two AAA batteries (thanks to Joe who pointed out that batteries are a cost factor).

Thanks to everyone who shared their advice. I'll let you know how they do at the range particularly how well they block loud sounds.

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