Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Manly Guns

Via Say Uncle, we get a list of the manliest firearms written by “Crazy Einar.” It’s an excellent list as these things go. I do have some quibbles about it though.

The M1 Garand must be included. One of the manliest men ever, George Patton, called it the greatest battle implement man has ever made. Our soldiers used it to defeat the Germans, Italians, and Japanese. It shoots a 30.06 round, which is loud, hard-hitting, hard-recoiling and, well, manly. I would replace the Swiss K31 with the Garand. Now, I like the Swiss rifle. We own one and have shot it often. It’s a great gun, but something has to give.

I‘m tempted to suggest replacing the S & W Model 29 with that company’s .500 Magnum. After all, the .500 is now the most powerful handgun in the world. It fires a truly manly handgun round. I’ve shot one a few times in an indoor range and everyone stops to see what the big noise is all about. And its recoil is not for the faint of heart. However, Dirty Harry used the Model 29 and for that reason alone must stay on the list.

I’m not a fan of Glocks, but that’s just me and would leave it on the list. Now if 1911s were not on the list (number 2 no less), I’d be spilling many more pixels.

Oh, and just a word about this manly thing. As a member of the estrogen persuasion, I accept and understand the description “manly” in regards to these guns. These are no-nonsense weapons designed to kick enemy/bad guy ass. Ass-kicking is usually associated with manliness. But let’s never forget that women can kick ass should the need arise. Boadicea (now spelled Boudica for some reason) comes to mind as does any woman protecting her children.

Finally, Yosemite Sam and I own eight of the listed guns. We don’t own the Model 29 or the Barrett M82 .50 cal. If the government should ban this rifle, we’ll dip way down into our various bank accounts and buy one before it’s illegal to do so (possibly not that particular model, but one almost as manly). As far as the Model 29, I’m not in the market, but I’ve drooled over S & W .500 Magnums many times. Who knows, maybe one might follow me home.

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