Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Campaign Disappointment

I haven’t posted much about politics. It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the presidential campaign. There’s a lot at stake. You see, I’m disappointed about the whole thing. We have Obama and McCain. What a choice. What a sad choice.

If Obama gets the nod, I’m not sure how he truly intends to govern. I suspect he may not even know. He’s inexperienced and has no idea how to deliver on his promises. Also, we don't know the real Obama yet. We know he’s liberal, but just how much his vaunted bridge-building temperment will affect his decisions we just don’t know.

We do know that his followers want payback. They want their free health care, what I will call greenism, “social justice” (whatever that really is), and an immediate retreat from Iraq.

I believe Obama will disappoint them. He won't be able to pull out of Iraq on any sort of rapid timetable. He can't create “social justice,” because for some of his followers there is no justice if any one person is richer than another. A total adoption of greenism will lead to an economic breakdown and so many unintended consequences that Obama and others would be fools to try (they still might). As to free health care, Obama’s current ideas don't please all of his followers now.

So what happens when these followers get disappointed? What will they do and to whom will they turn? I don’t know. They are unhappy with the current Democratic Party-led Congress and will likely turn on Obama in the same way. Who will they support then? Maybe the “man on horseback” and we could see a fascist government dedicated to “social justice” in our lifetimes. Or maybe they’ll simply drop out (don’t let the door hit ‘em in the ass on the way out).

McCain is another side of the same disappointing and tarnished coin. He has no problem deciding what is right for us, even when we disagree. In the past he’s wanted to institute amnesty for illegal aliens, hamper if not end gun shows, and try to curb free speech about elections with McCain-Feingold.

Who know how he will lead if he gets the nod? He may understand that he was elected by a bunch of people holding their noses while they voted against Obama. On the other hand, he may push his ideas forward and give Obama’s supporters a good part of what they want anyway.

So what an election. I think I’ll go home and sip some Bourbon, followed by a tequila chaser, followed by a vodka chaser, followed by….

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