Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Destroy Them Guns

The New York Time had an article today on how ATF and some police agencies turn confiscated guns into scrap metal. The article cited 13 guns that were cut up into scrap metal with a value of $7.50. The whole story troubled me:
  • First, it bothers me that guns are being destroyed in the first place.
  • Second, there's the waste of it; the destroying of perfectly good firearms (those that are not safe are a different story) when departments could sell them for needed cash.
What troubled me the most, however, is the condescension on the part of the agents and officers involved. Here are just a few quotes:

“With the destruction of these illegal guns, they’ll eventually be melted down and used as machine parts, piping or whatever the industry can use at this time to help better society,” from an ATF agent (emphasis mine).

“It is smart policing to destroy the weapons,” said another agent.

“There are plenty of guns in circulation without our potentially adding to the problem,” said a New York City police spokesman.

Non-law enforcement people are also involved; the ones who turn the guns into scrap metal. Their condescension is just as bad.

If reminds me that this is the ultimate goal of those who want guns out of society. If they had their way, all the manholes and grates would have once been your or my guns. They have not given up.

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