Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Staying in New Hampshire

I haven't written here for a while--longer than usual anyway. I've been away physically. Work sent me halfway across the country and back. At the same time, I've been away mentally. My job is slowly becomming a life-sucking vampire. But that's true of so many jobs and believe me, I could have it a lot worse.

I need to look for other jobs, but it's difficult to find them in the field I fell in to. I don't mention here, but there's only a handful of people in the country who do what I do, the way I do. It involves a thorough knowledge of American history, decent computer science skills, writing ability, and being able to speak in public about it all. When the job's good it's very good, but when it's bad....

I recently mentioned that I had a line on another job. It would have taken me to the Washington D.C. area--Maryland to be exact. For a number of reasons, I told the people who were interested in me "Thanks, but no thanks." It looks like I'll be staying in New Hampshire for awhile.

Part of my decision was the realization, I didn't really want to move to Maryland or suffer the long commute from Virginia (that would have been the best option). Another factor in my decision was I don't really want to work in the particular office in Maryland in which the job is located.

Still, I feel disappointed that in the United State of America I should have to worry about moving to a state that could infringe on my God-given, Constitutionally protected rights to own a tool that can be easily owned or bought in most other states. That is wrong. No free, non-violent, sane person should have to worry about such infringements.

Fighting such attitude is why I blog and why I proudly let the multitude of the gun-fearing wussies where I work know that I am a gun owner. I will try to do more to win back these rights, but I still feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.

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