Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Law Against Stupidity

No matter how many laws anti-gun states pass against gun and ammo ownership, someone will find a way around them. Today, we read about a candidate for the Darwin Awards. An 18-year old somehow gets (the story is not detailed on this point) some .223 ammo.

He decides to sell the brass and needs to separate the bullet from the casing. He puts a cartridge in a vise and whacks it with a hammer. The story also doesn't tell if he used a nail or something to set off the primer, assumably he was hammering on the bullet trying to force it out. He succeeded somehow with several cartridges until one went off and shot him in the stomach.

Of course, without a chamber and barrel to pass through, the bullet didn't have much force and it lodged about a half-inch into his torso. Still, he has figured out a way to shoot himself without a gun.

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