Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm mad as hell.......

This morning, I irritated Denise and probably the neighbors with a full throated, Kim Dutoit patented, red curtain of blood rant that had the cat shrieking from the room. I won’t iterate here what Denise had to hear, but I do remember that the phrase Nazi, jack booted thugs was liberally used. This rant had been building for awhile and I must admit that it felt good to give vent to it.

Three recent stories stick out in my mind as the instigators of my present foul mood. The first is from Illinois. Kim mentioned it recently. It seems that the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, feels that any one who owns a firearm in the Chicago Metro area must be a gangbanger. That he said this at the opening of a shooting facility only adds insult to injury. Next, we have a leading member of the Cook County Board, Joseph Moreno, suggesting that the police should go house to house to “pull every gun out of Cook County”. Grossly unconstitutional, but since when has any Chicagoland government official, elected or otherwise, given a rat’s patootie about the Constitution.

The second story comes from my old home, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. While driving in to work yesterday, I heard on the Scott Allen Miller show on WRKO in Boston, that the police chief of Lawrence, Massachusetts is going to revoke the gun permit of Marine SSGT Dan Cotnoir.
In case you haven’t heard the story, Dan is a former marine of the year who was attacked in his own home by an unruly mob. He had called the police, but they never showed up. In fear for himself and his family, SSGT Cotnoir fired a shotgun into the ground and with that, the mob got the hint. The police, this being Massachusetts, decided that SSGT Cotnoir was the problem and he was charged with attempted murder. Amazingly, a Massachusetts jury acquitted him. But since this is Massachusetts, and it is up to the police whether or not you have constitutional rights, Police Chief John Romero has decided to deprive an honored marine of his god given rights.
As you can guess, the bile was churning in my stomach at this point.
By the way, if you are able, please give to the Dan Cotnoir Defense Fund:

Racicot Funeral Home
256 Broadway
Lawrence, MA 01841

Scott Allen Miller and his band Red State are putting on a benefit concert for SSGT Cotnoir to help defray his legal expenses.

Finally, this morning, I was reading Joe Huffman and came across this gem. It seems that the police in California with the help of the BATF are going to confiscate firearms and bullets that are in a configuration that they deem to be illegal. As in Massachusetts, the laws in California are so arcane that you have to be an attorney to even begin to figure out what is legal or not. But be that as it may, it is especially outrageous that they would charge someone with a felony for mere possession of a bullet. A felony for people who have committed no crimes and have not harmed ANYONE.

This story finally put me over the edge and I went into full rant mode. Suffice it to say that I had little nice to say for the people who would agree to the mission of confiscating firearms that girly man Governor Terminator thinks are scary.

Now that I have cooled down and have had time to cogitate on what should be done about these egregious actions, I have decided on what I think is the best course of action for gunnies.

It’s simple, but also incredibly difficult to accomplish for a lot of people.

Under no circumstances, should anyone that believes in the Right to Bear Arms live in the following Fascist states. These are, in no particular order, Illinois, California, New Jersey and Massachusetts. These states have absolutely no respect for the Constitution and as far as I’m concerned are no longer, in spirit at least, part of the United States of America.

There are those who will say that we should continue the fight there and that there are a lot of good people in those states that believe in RKBA. My answer to that line of reasoning is that it’s too late. The fight in those states was lost decades ago and the fat lady has already left the stage. We need to pool our resources in places where we can still win. Places like New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. With the additional votes of people that have moved from the four fascist states, we can stop this garbage from ever happening in the free states. All of the states I have listed are on the cusp. They really could go either way. With the addition of gun rights supporting, liberty loving citizens, we can win the fight in these states, shore up our flanks, and then move forward.

At the very least, if you live in California or Illinois, which seem to be in the vanguard for gun confiscations, get your collection out of state, so that the jack booted thugs can’t get your heirlooms when they inevitably come.

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