Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Milestone and a Thank You

After watching a movie on HBO (Cinderella Man), we stumbled upstairs to web browse awhile. I checked Ten Ring's site meter and what did I see--we had reached 99,995 readers. Of course, I had to stick around for the admittedly juvenile pleasure of watching the meter roll over to 100,000. Okay, it didn't really roll over, I had to hit refresh a couple of times, but there you have it, 100,000 readers.

The 100,000th reader came in from San Diego County in California. He or she was looking for information on the NRA and came here at 10:47 pm Eastern time. If you're still on, thanks for stopping by.

When Bill and I started Ten Ring, we didn't know how long we'd blog or how many readers we'd get. Personally, I'm amazed you all keep coming back. Thank you for doing so.

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