Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ammo Day

Today is National Ammo Day--one day of the year when gunnies stage a buycott of ammo. Each year, more gunnies adopt ammo day as a day to add to our supplies, to raise awareness of the shooting sports, and to support our local gun dealers.

This year, several bloggers and forums added a twist and said to buy ammo at Wal-Mart. They even added a certain time. Their arguments convinced me and I decided to buy ammo at our nearest Wal-Mart and at our favorite gun store. We hope to raise a spike in Wal-Mart's sales records and convince them that we are an excellent market that they better make happy.

Here are our purchases:

The Winchester white boxes are from Wal-Mart. We bought 4 boxes of .223 ammo (40 to a box for a total of 160 rounds), and we bought three boxes of 9mm ammo (100 to a box for a total of 300 rounds). The subtotal is 460 rounds.

At our local gun shop, State Line in Mason, NH, we bought two boxes of .308 Winchester and two bricks of .22 long rifle ammo--one is CCI Standard Velocity and the other is Eley Sport. Eley makes the best target ammunition in the world, and they have a line of inexpensive practice rounds. National Ammo Day gives me an excuse to try it out. That's a sub-total of 1,040 rounds and a grand total of 1,500 rounds.

We hope your Ammo Days were at least as productive and we hope you have a lot of good, safe fun using up those brand new cartridges.

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