Friday, July 08, 2005

VPC Makes Me Angry...Again

Okay, now I’m mad. Of course that happens every time I think of what anti-gunnies want to do to us. It happens when I think about guns going into smelters, and it happens when I hear gun-grabber lies. I don’t quite know what to do with my anger right now.

I’m writing this during lunch at work and will post during a break, so I can’t go to a range even though getting into the zen of shooting would ease my anger. I can’t kick trashcans here since they don’t belong to me. I would love to buy another gun because that’s always a good way to stick a figurative finger in gun banners’ eyes and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I do. But, I can’t buy another one right now because I’ve spent almost all my money on home improvement stuff and it hasn’t ended yet. (For you home owners out there, does it ever end? Help me.)

So what’s got my dander up today? Fair question. It’s the VPC, the self-styled Violence Policy Center. I went there to see if they had issued one of their scurrilous attacks on gun owners. I’ve read almost all of their tracts (here is their list) and I noticed that they have nothing newer than Fall of 2004. Maybe they’re running out of things to lie about. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

While there, I clicked on their links page and it was here that I became infuriated. Check out the second group of links, “Pro-Gun Special Interests.” Very helpful of them to include it I thought. They list National Rifle Association, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, Gun Owners of America and other fine organizations. They even included Americans for Gun Safety. I wouldn’t call it a pro-gun organization, but they’re using a different definition of “pro-gun” than I am. But, then I noticed the bottom link, Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page. This pisses me off.

I refused to click on the link at work partly because I think the filters here would prevent loading the page. Therefore, I’m not sure what's on the “resource page.” I do know that Stormfront is one of the largest portals for American Nazis and “White Power” people. I’m a gunnie, but I’m not a Nazi and I resent VPC putting this page in their list of pro-gun organizations. VPC is deliberately listing this organization to cast aspersions on all the rest.

The next section of links is “National Organizations Working to Reduce Firearms Violence.” Why don’t they put Stormfront here? Hitler was a gun banner. He disarmed Jews and anyone else he disagreed with. Why don’t they put Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge here. It was another gun banning institution. You could throw in Stalin’s Soviet Union and others. Of course, all of these regimes are in history’s trash can, but their gun-banning spirit lives on in groups listed here.

These lies and crass emotional manipulations infuriate me. You see, at one time I was fairly relaxed about my gun rights. I lived in Texas and felt little threat. I wasn’t politically aware enough to realize how tenuous our rights are. When I moved to Massachusetts, I learned differently. As I did more research, including reading much anti-gun literature, one thing struck me the hardest: anti-gunnies lie. Sure, the pro-gun groups present their side, but the whoppers and the out-and-out propagandistic lies come from gun-banners.

Not only do they lie, they also play little tricks like placing American Nazis into a list of gunnie organizations that represent gun owners from every walk of life—including Jews, blacks, everyone. Maybe you can understand my anger better. Now, I gotta go and find something to kick so I won’t growl at my co-workers all afternoon.

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