Thursday, July 07, 2005

Brief note on London

As everyone knows, London suffered a terrorist attack this morning. It happened during their morning rush hour and the attackers focused on ordinary citizens on their ways to work. Our hearts go out to Londoners.

When Bill was in the Air Force, he was based in England for two years and he visited London often. Since we've been together, we've both visited London several times. We've been near the bus bombing site and I recognized the neighborhood from photos. It is a peaceful area not too far from the British Museum and Library.

We would like to visit London again and will. Can't let terrorist bastards win, you know.

It remains to be seen if the terrorists awaken England's Chamberlain spirit of appeasement or England's Churchill spirit of fighting. Here's hoping that Churchill's spirit will be leading the charge against Islamofascism with tommy gun blazing.

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