Sunday, May 08, 2005

Slow Blogging These Past Two Weekends

Bill and I have not posted the last couple of days, which is not our usual pattern. We have been incredibly busy these past two weekends. We are looking for a house to buy. My career(s) has been fairly mobile and because of that I've reached (almost) fifty without buying a house. Bill, a little bit younger than I am, also has never bought a house. Now, it looks like my job will leave me here in New England until retirement--unless something comes up.

One reason we are buying now, is to build equity. We hope to live in Texas again and the New England housing market is much more expensive than in Texas. We've seen small two-bedroom capes in New Hampshire selling for $237,000.00. (That same house in Waltham, MA where I work would sell for $350,000.) We figure that we would leave here after selling our house giving us good amount of cash and buy a ranchette or something in Texas. At least that's our plan.

We've been incredibly busy with realtor appointments, mortgage counselor appointments, you name it. And, we are actually only at the beginning. We have to do our meetings on weekends and that has cut into our blogging time. So, forgive us for awhile.

We did find time to get out to a plinking range at our gun club (the one we joined last weekend). We burned some gunpowder shooting at plastic bottles. We basically went there to have fun and shot one-handed, two-handed, and weak-handed for practice. We made those bottles dance (not with our .22 pistols though, the bottles didn't bounce, bullets just went right through them). We didn't stay out too long since it is damn cold here--in the low to mid 40s with a cold wind. It's freaking May and we have to wear jackets. (Bill: Denise, explain again to me why we are staying in New England? Finances dear, finances.)

So wish us luck as we wend our way though a real estate swamp. We have a buyer's agent and hope to avoid any major pitfalls. Thanks for your patience too.

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