Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Real Estate Update and Gun Advice

Sorry for our erratic posting. Bill and I spent about two hours in the realtor's office today. We found out that our offer on a large condo was accepted. Once we go through final mortgage approval, building inspections, and other steps, it will be ours.

We decided on a condo since we were not finding detached houses in the range we wanted to pay, near decent commuting routes, and not fixer-uppers. Given that my career may cause a move, a condo seemed our best bet. The one we found has over 1600 finished square feet, an unfinished basement, and a garage. We will have lots of room for storage, a purpose-built reloading bench, and can have a dog.

Here's one thing about guns and a tattle-tale on myself. Not too long ago, Bill and I went to our local range. I took my summer carry gun with me, a Beretta 21A featured in a One from the Vault.

I started plinking with it and it had intermittent failure to feed problems. At least once, the firing pin failed to strike the primer hard enough for ignition. The hell of it is, I had carried it that day and the weekend before in a pocket holster as my self-defense gun. I'm so glad nothing happened when I thought I had a reliable gun with me--it usually works fine, too, but not that day.

So, a word to the wise. When you swap your carry gun for one you can more easily conceal in summer clothes, take it out for a shooting session before you strap it on your hip or put it in your pocket. Just saying is all. And, let's see where did I put that gunsmith's address?

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