Thursday, April 02, 2009

Even on TV, Signs We Are Winning

Sometimes you just know when we're winning. Last night, Yosemite Sam and I were bored and watched the NBC show “Life.” I’d seen it once before and knew it stars Damian Lewis who played Major Richard Winters of “Band of Brothers” fame. In “Life,” Lewis plays a Los Angeles police detective.

I dreaded what would come when Lewis and his partner are called to a missing woman report and find her dead in a hot tub. The dead woman was running for Senate on an anti-gun platform called Initiative .38 (also the name of the episode). Hence the dread—not another Hollywood anti-gun screed, thought I.

Yosemite and I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The detectives visit a gun maker’s office after being pointed there by the dead woman’s political operative, a rabid gun banner. To make a long story short, the female president of the gun company was innocent.

It turned out (spoiler alert--highlight for spoilers) that the political operative and the woman’s husband were guilty. He decided to run for Senate. He even destroyed the two guns he and the operative had used, among other guns, on television as a campaign stunt. Thus, the anti-gunners not the gun company president were the bad guys.

It is refreshing to see a show take a different tack. The link to “Life” above includes a way to play the episode. As I said, we are winning when even Hollywood doesn’t use trite anti-gun formulas.

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