Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Societal Frustration

I guess I'm feeling a little depressed right now. I'm depressed that we might soon face a "perfect storm" of frustration in this country.

One frustration among our fellow citizens is the election. No matter who wins, the new president will face the hostility of almost half the country. Now, I don't want Obama to win this election. I would like to say though that I will accept the loss and then support my country’s president. But, I will never support Obama. He is totally antithetical to me and my beliefs. Surprisingly so, because I still have some sympathy with certain leftist ideas.

If Obama wins, then I fear his supporters more than the man himself. They are reading all sorts of hopey-changey stuff onto the Obama blank slate. They hope for their change, which to some means "free" doctor visits, a brand new house provided by the government, all sorts of social justice (whatever that is), and world peace. They won't get it and they’ll be mad.

The economy is another source of frustration. My retirement account lost about 8% of its value. That hurts. But what about people who’ll lose more than just a little retirement account paper money? Who could lose their jobs, homes, families? There could be a lot of frustrated people.

Look back at history and you’ll see that frustrated people often look for a “man on horseback” to lead them. They sometimes pick a Napoleon or a Hitler. Obama is neither of these examples, but he may inadvertently pave the way for such a person who could be from either the left or the right. God only knows how all of that would fall out. Or, maybe we’ll just muddle through as our nation usually does.

Long-term speculation is only so much hot air. Too much can change. Still, I’m concerned about the short term. Will frustrated people strike out in riots and social unrest? Will crime rise along with a faltering economy? Will frustrated people take it out on anyone they blame for their problems (whites could attack blacks or vice versa, the dispossessed could attack the comfortable, etc).

Yosemite Sam and I already decided to buy another black rifle in case there’s a new “assault weapons” ban. I just hope we never have to use it any other place than the range. Six months ago I would have scoffed at the idea. Given the current and potential levels of frustration, now I’m not so sure.

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