Monday, February 11, 2008

Where Have I Been?

It's been too long since I posted here, but I have good reasons. In fact, this post will be short because of the situation I am now in. No it's not anything bad. No one has arrested, molested, or detested me. I take some of that back, there is some bad news mixed in with perhaps good news.

Okay enough obfuscation. Time to just let it out. My employer has been trying to get me to accept a promotion for a long time. I blogged about it in March 2007. They didn't succeed that time, but now they have.

My employer used a combination of arm-twisting and monetary persuasion. I am now in Maryland, but Yosemite Sam is still in New Hampshire. Nothing's wrong with our marriage, perish the thought. He will join me soon.

No, I haven't turned my back on gun rights and gun ownership. We are keeping our townhouse in New Hampshire as a vacation home and a place to shoot and keep some of our guns. Don't worry they are locked in an unobtanium safe guarded by Hercules himself. Seriously, they are secure.

Right now, I am in an apartment in Maryland. I am here because of the proximity to my employer. I am researching real estate and we plan to settle in Virginia where our beliefs garner more respect. Our townhouse in New Hampshire could become our "Fortress of Solitude" should Virginia ever change.

I haven't had Internet access for awhile at "home" and my employer combs through net usage data. So, I haven't been posting. Forgive me.

I'm still settling in after a time-consuming transition. But, I think things are stabilizing now. On the other hand, I miss my husband, I miss Cooper the wonder Basset, and even my cranky cat. Thank you for your patience.

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