Monday, August 14, 2006

Writers Who Throw Stones...

Stumbling around the Internet, I find that Jenny Price fired up her word processor and placed another anti-gun op-ed in the LA Times.

Back in December, she'd written an editorial calling for bans on handguns. Her brother and his fiancee had been killed by the fiancee's mother. I give people a little slack for legitimate grief, but Ms. Price went tolling around the Internet to see what people were saying about her. She may have hoped that everyone who commented on her piece were now organizing gun bans.

She was disappointed to learn many people disagreed with her. There was name-calling, Molon Labe style threats (you can have the bullets first), and speculation if her brother even existed.

Ms. Price was hurt and friends told her what do you expect from guys, especally gun guys. Well, I'm not a guy, but I like to shoot and own handguns. I can treat Ms. Price with respect, but I will never support a handgun ban, registration, licensing, or any other scheme.

In fact, we need to roll laws back to a more tolerable level. Now Ms. Price needs to learn to treat someone like me with respect by not claiming a foolish gun ban will solve anything.

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