Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Democrats, Joe Lieberman, and Me

Sometimes I'm inspired to write a non-gunnie post. Sometimes I just want to vent, so here goes:

I used to be a Democrat. I never supported the party’s position on gun control, but I agreed with certain ideas and platform planks. I gave money to Democrats and tended to vote for all but the most gun-banning Democrats.

I was raised in the party. My Dad was an active Democrat who ran “get out the vote” drives. My mother came from a long line of union steelworkers for whom voting Republican was anathema. In other words, I came by it honestly.

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s in the mountain West. I was never a hippy, but I sympathized with social justice causes. I believed black people had faced discrimination even after lynch mobs became socially unacceptable. I believed that abortion was a bad choice, but laws against it were worse. I believed that there are a certain few people in society that need our help and that refusing that help diminishes us all.

I still believe some of the above and more, but I no longer support the Democratic Party or its candidates. The party left me some time ago, but it took me awhile to realize that fact. Living under Massachusetts’s foul gun control schemes certainly helped me wake up. Seeing moonbats wailing “what did we do to deserve this” after the attacks on 9/11 was another splash of vitriol.

The party pushed those good things they used to support and took them too far. Frank Church, John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman, Zell Miller, and my parents who are now committed Republicans would no longer recognize or embrace Democrat programs and ideas.

Instead of welfare that helps only truly disabled people, we ended up with bloated programs where able-bodied men and women avoid responsibility. We ended up with Affirmative Action programs that pushed good candidates aside even while not truly serving those to whom it was directed. Abortion has become almost a sacrement where any attempt to impose reasonable regulation is resisted.

The moonbats in the party are pushing these and other “social justice” issues even harder in the name of “progressivism.” If enacted their programs would pick the pockets of productive citizens. The moonbats have the upper hand now in the party, which will drive even more people out of it. They are very happy to sponsor pogroms and kick out those people who disagree with them.

Bill Clinton’s former special counsel, Lanny Davis talks about moonbat attacks on Joe Lieberman. Moonbats made comments on various blogs that might make a KKK member blush.

The Democrats have now defeated Joe Lieberman in a primary for his Senate seat. I didn’t support his views on guns, but Lieberman is a good man overall. I voted for him in the New Hampshire during his short presidential run. He was Gore’s vice-presidential candidate in 2000. Now he’s not good enough for the moonbats to support. Just like Zell Miller.

Lieberman says he will run as an independent. I hope he wins. With his victory, I hope moonbat Democrats come to understand that pogroms, particularly against observant Jews, is truly anathema to all the party once stood for and believed in.

Go Joe Go.

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