Friday, June 10, 2005

Thugs, Coyotes, and Bears--Oh My

Back in May, I posted on Coyotes in Boston. That is, the fact that predators were discovered near downtown Boston, in its innermost suburbs.

When predators are found in gun-fearing locations, city and state leaders and their citizens suffer a sort of paralysis. All of a sudden they realize that danger exists. When listening to people on radio talk shows, or journalists writing about in newspapers, you begin to get a feeling that a penny is about to drop. You almost swear that Massachusetts's leaders will stop their gun grabbing. You begin to think that they will realize there are reasons to keep and bear arms, and that our Second Amendment provides for our common defense—even that of an individual against a predator.

You think that such an awakening might happen, but too long ingrained habits rear their heads. Massachusetts’s gun-fearing and gun-hating leaders and their followers begin to understand that if guns are useful against four-legged predators they might be useful against two-legged predators as well. But accepting that would mean that all those gun owners and NRA members were right. Further, they can’t accept they’ve made such a horrible mistake. An error that’s led to the deaths of countless crime victims and will lead to children’s death in the maws of coyotes. Their minds shut down in horror. After a few moments of stuttering cognitive dissonance, the mental wheels begin spinning again and they once more resume a cry of “Ban those guns, ban those guns.”

If you think that Boston and its environs are a peaceful area, read mASSBackwards almost any day, but you might as well start here. City leaders can’t see how their policies are endangering their citizens and citizens demand that their leaders save them. They don’t see how taking personal responsibility for their own safety is the only way out of a brutal spiral they have created and perpetuated in the name of peace, love, and Kumbaya.

Having wild animals in one’s back yard does focus one’s mind. Now, not only do we have coyotes near downtown Boston we have black bears in its outer suburbs.

Don’t get me wrong, I like bears. I like their big shambling bodies and how they loll back on their haunches like nature’s Falstaff. Still, I wouldn’t want to find a bear in my back yard. Even more, I wouldn’t like to find a sow with her cubs in my back yard with me between her and her cubs and no gun in my hand.

I don’t want to exaggerate black bears’ ferocity. But, they’re wild animals that are much stronger than us and can very easily kill a large man if they feel threatened. They will kill pets and they could easily kill children. So, Boston sleep tight tonight in your righteous belief that two-legged predators will disarm themselves because you passed some silly gun licensing laws and that the police can protect you from all harm.

Sleep tight Boston knowing that many of your citizens have self-righteously forbade any gun, even a toy gun for Junior, from entering your home.

Sleep tight Boston while your dogs and cats become a snack for your local coyote.

Sleep tight Boston knowing that bears won’t bother you unless you bother them; provided they don’t feel you’re a threat, they’re not rabid, and they don’t decide to enter your house because they caught a remarkable smell of fried chicken through your window. That same delicious smell that is in your and your children’s hair and bedclothes.

Sleep tight Boston. You’ve striven so hard to disarm your citizens that now there’s no need to fear animals or thugs. Sleep that deep peaceful sleep of the deluded.

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