Monday, June 27, 2005

Home Stuff and 2nd Amendment Democrats

What a weekend we had. Bill and I are doing home improvements on our new condo. Our first project is installing a Pergo floor. We spent about three of our precious project hours trying to buy a table saw at three different Home Depots. The first didn’t have the one we wanted in stock. The second could not find the ones they had in stock, and finally the third had several in stock, it just took a while to get it off the top level. Of course, we had to assemble the saw and take up the old carpeting.

To make a long story short, we finally laid some Pergo and it looks really good, but we didn’t get as far as we’d hoped. Oh well, there’s a long weekend coming up.

One more thing, because of all the stoop labor and kneeling involved, I discovered there are certain muscles in my legs and back that haven’t been used for a while. Now, they’re reminding me of their existence. I woke up this morning as stiff as the Pergo we were laying. I even walk like John Wayne now, although I don’t say “Pilgrim” a lot.

Enough Pergo blogging. I stumbled on a new web site called “Amendment II Democrats” that is trying to become the liberal voice for gun ownership. It’s new and doesn’t have much content yet, but I love the old CNN cartoon on its home page (a Million Mommie is going out to march, behind her is a Soviet-style police state thug who says he is behind her 100%).

I think liberals buying and learning to use guns is a good thing. The more people--whether they are liberals, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, or libertarians--who support the Second Amendment the better.

There are some liberal Second Amendment supporters who embrace registration and licensing, both of which are anathema to me especailly after living in Massachusetts, the home of such evil schemes.

I am not sure if the owners of “Amendment II Democrats” embrace such schemes. They also want to elect a pro-gun Democrat Congress in 2006. They will bear watching on several levels. But, for now, I welcome any one who wants join us gun nuts in protecting our firearm rights

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