Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another! Visit to a Gun Store

Riley's Sport Shop

Bill and I had fun yesterday visiting a gun store. You might think that we do this every weekend. After all, we wrote about our visits last week and the weekbefore that. To be honest, we have missed some weekend visits. And, you might be getting bored reading about gun stores that may be halfway across the country from where you are sitting. Well, that's why they invented the hyperlink.

We visited Riley's Sport Shop in Hooksett, New Hampshire. I came this close to buying a Baikal Bounty Hunter II double-barreled shotgun. Only $295.00. I think I'll regret it, but I need to slow down a little on my gun purchases. Make sure my other creditors are happy. You know how it goes. We did buy some ammunition we'll use today.

Riley's has been in business about 50 years and carries a large line of merchandise. They are a little sparse on antique and military firearms. We looked at a couple of World War II Japanese Arisakas, but the chrysanthemum logos were ground off. One of these days, we plan to get one of these crude rifles, but it will have the Emperor's mum, dust cover, anti-aircraft sight, etc. We did see a sweet Swedish Mauser. We already have one, but if anyone wants it, the rifle needs a good home.

Besides these guns, Riley's carries a very large selection of handguns. We saw everything from an FN "Baby" Browning to the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum. They often get police department trade-ins and the prices on these guns can't be beat.

The store carries many used rifles and shotguns as well as new ones. They have "assault weapons" such as AKs, CETME, ARs, and others. The hunting rifle selection is excellent, as is the shotgun selection.

Their ammunition selection is comprehensive. You want Cowboy Action loads? They got 'em. Want Eley Match .22 Rounds, they're in the alcove near the counter. What about obsolete ammo? They have some, but you'll need to ask for your particular type.

Riley's has a very good reloading department along with shooting and hunting accessories including many gun safes. Behind the store is another building that houses a law enforcement equipment division. They have a gunsmith, but we have never used his services.

The store itself is a little crowded although roomier than State Line Gun Shop. If you can't find it here, they can order it for you or it is so esoteric you won't need it anyway. The prices are good. How about $3.95 for a 20 round box of .223 ammunition? The "Baby" Browning has a $225.00 price tag.

We saw two heartening things during this visit. They had two boxes on the counters full of "high capacity" magazines. One had Smith & Wesson mags, and the other had Ruger mags. The writing on the boxes indicated that the original price was over $50.00 and now on sale for $15.00. All thanks to the end of the "Assault Weapon" Ban. The second heartening thing; the number of children shoppers had brought with them. There must have been six of seven children under the age of 10 oohing and aahing over guns. Another generation of gunnies, folks.

Problems: the staff is sometimes distant. It is a busy place and the employees seem pulled in too many directions. There is little opportunity to just schmooze about guns. As a collector, I wish they had more older weapons, but every now and again I do find something nice. Patience is rewarded here eventually. My latest reward was an Enfield Martini-Henry with bayonet, sling, muzzle cover--the works. I may talk more about this gun one of these days.

We go to this store fairly often primarily for ammo and to check for guns we want to add to the collection. Hooksett is north of Manchester. Check their website for directions since I could get lost in a paper bag in this area.

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