Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm baaaaaaack

As I Said, I'm pissed. The gun banners would say Sam what do you have to be pissed about. You should be grovelling in the dirt and begging the world for forgiveness. Because your enjoyment of your "hobby" kills kids. Now stop right there. Am I the only one who's spitting angry that they think you are the equivalent or even better the cause of a child killer. An evil piece of shit who killed his own Mom and then slaughtered a bunch of defenseless babies in cold blood. Who violated everything good people believe is right. Also, think what this scumbag took from the parents of these children. They can never face the Christmas season again without thinking of what happened to their babies. It is forever ruined for them. A time of year that is a happy time for most of us will fill them with sorrow and despair.

There are certain actions or epithets that are so nasty and ill-intentioned and calculated to provoke a fight that they are deemed fighting words. Trying to link peaceful, law abiding gun owners to this senseless horror is being done with the express intention of provoking a fight. This was calculated, orchestrated and planned.

The media, gun control groups and gun banning politicians have been working in concert to create a blood libel with the express intention of depriving Americans of their fundamental rights. These people are so low that they have no problem with using dead children as props to further their sick game. Our response is simple. All gun owners need to be united...All of us..Three Percenters,  NRA members, Fudd's, all of us. This is probably the biggest threat to our freedom to defend ourselves that I have seen in my lifetime. As Benjamin Franklin said: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"

The first thing that everyone can do is "Join the NRA". I know a lot of you will say: Sam, the NRA is always compromising and doesn't stand up for our rights. My answer is, you're right, sometimes the NRA falls quite short of where they should be. But the thing is that they are the largest gun rights organization in the United States. When Mayor Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer think of evil incarnate they think of the NRA. The NRA was the first institution that the blood dancing gun banners attacked after the horror of last Friday. What better way to poke these bastards in the eye then to double or even triple the NRA's membership. If you are already a member then increase the level of your membership. I am already a Life Benefactor member but I plan to send a donation to the NRA-ILA which will be at the forefront of this fight.

I have more ideas on how all of us can fight these bastards who are trying to deprive us of our rights and freedoms. Stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead.


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