Friday, May 15, 2009

Convention Crowd

We can't put a picture yet, but we will soon. We checked in and got our media badge which let us get on the exhibit floor before the doors opened.

We listened to Phoenix's mayor welcome the convention. He mentioned that the banquet will be the largest single meal served in Arizona ever--6,000 people.

Then, the doors opened and a surge of people issued forth. This may be the largest convention we've attended.

Maybe it seems that way because of the convention center's architecture, but the registration lines were long, people were queued up at the escalators just to get to the floor. Simply amazing. And this is Friday, usually a slower day.

Soon we will leave the comforts of the press room and brave the crowds. I bet Paul Helmke is a sad panda today.

UPDATE: Here are the promised pictures:
Crowd waiting to register and enter the exhibit hall:

One of the exhibits: The top rifle is an M1 Garand. It was presented to John C. Garand on his retirement and is serial number 1,000,000.

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