Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Ammunition

A few days back, CNN wrote a report about “green ammunition.” It was in their scary-titled “Planet in Peril” section.

I’m rather tired of all the scare nonsense, shouts of “we’re all going to die slowly and horribly because of….” Take your pick: global warming, global cooling, giant hurricanes, my washing machine. Lead in ammunition is just one more scary thing to add to a “Planet in Peril” list.

I’m not going to debate any of the so-called science in the article. I’m not qualified. I know that anti-gunnies use fear of lead to ban lead ammunition, making alternatives so expensive that no one would want to buy guns. Thus, I take any of the scientists’ quotes with a Red Sea worth of salt.

Unfortunately, anti-gunnies have seized on a germ of truth that makes this dangerous to gunowners--lead is toxic. They can harp on this and anything we say sounds defensive. Sigh.

There was one really interesting statistic though; Americans spent about $1.08 billion dollars on ammunition in 2008. This is truly big business and a vital sector of the economy. Way to go people. Let's strive for $1.2 billion in 2009.

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