Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visit Early and Often

Sorry I haven't been writing here much. I've had a lot on my plate. There's been travel to our place in New Hampshire, work, and assorted other stuff.

More importantly, my mother passed away more or less unexpectedly (she was 84, but in good physical health). We expect to lose parents eventually as we ourselves get older. It's the nature of things. But, we never really cope with losing the people in our lives.

I remember the good times and a few bad times with my Mom. I remember her fussing at me when I was an adolescent, being peeved when as an adult I didn't visit often enough, her joy at my little and big successes (including the shooting medals I won). I miss her.

I live across the nation from my parents. While I called Mom and Dad regularly, I didn't visit often. There was always a good excuse; press of career, cost of travel, sitting in a plane seat for six hours, and others. If your parents live close, go visit them and give them a hug. If they don't; plan a nice long vacation that includes them. They won't always be there.

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