Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah Palin

I have a few thoughts about the Palin pick. In short, it’s wonderful.

I haven’t seen the Republican base this fired up since Reagan.

Let’s face it, things have pretty much sucked for Conservatives since Reagan left office. We never really liked Daddy Bush and held our nose to vote for him and got rewarded with more gun control and a realization that we were not very good lip readers. It goes without saying that the Clinton years sucked for Conservatives and then we had another Bush come along that has been a bigger disappointment than Daddy. So, this election we were all prepared to hold our nose and vote for McCain, even though we knew he would suck(but not nearly as much as Obama) and what does that magnificent bastard do: He picks one of us!

Gun owner, hunter, at least some respect for limited government, hell, she’s even about my age, and is smoking hot to boot.

No wonder the Left and their media bitches are in a tizzy. In fact, it seems that Obama is now running against Palin.

I love how he is going on about her lack of experience and is attacking her record. Well, at least she has a record to attack and actually made real, live decisions instead of voting present most of the time. Real man of courage and change there Mr. Senator.

The more I think about it, the more I admire McCain's sheer genius in making this pick. Palin is like crack for the Left. They can't leave her alone. I've long said that if Obama could shut his mouth for 6 months, he would win the election easily. But that is one thing he absolutely cannot do. Obama & the Democrats certainly cannot keep quiet about Palin, who is a refutation of everything they believe in.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that the press has been so nakedly partisan in their hate filled diatribes against Governor Palin; they are finally revealed as complete shills for the Democratic Party. And mean and nasty shills to boot.

It's all great and I will greatly enjoy pulling the lever for McCain/Palin in November

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