Monday, May 19, 2008

Glenn Beck's Cummberbund at NRA

Yosemite Sam and I are back from the NRA Convention. We got in late last night and I am sneaking a little blog time in at work. We will have one or two more posts up a little later, but I was reading other's coverage of the Convention, and Ahab asked if anyone got a picture of Glenn Beck's cummerbund. Ask and ye shall receive:

We took this off the Jumbotron, but the quality is decent. He is receiving the customary musket the NRA gives to keynote speakers. Beck had a joke about it; something like, "I was wearing this cummerbund on my way here and someone asked if I were a pirate. No, I said, I'm a politician so I can do all that raping and looting." This is not an exact quote but close.

As Ahab said, Beck gave a very good speech. It was funny, sad, uplifting, depressing all at the same time.

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