Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tired of Nannies

I am tired of nannies trying to run (ruin) my life.

I heard on the car radio this morning that some Montgomery County, MD councilman wants to adopt Federal energy-saving guidelines as part of the building code. If it passes, all the new houses in the county must have “green” appliances, heating/cooling, and use renewable energy. It will add about $10,000.00 to the cost of a new home.

There are nannies all over the country pushing different things and not all nannies are on the left. Some nannies want to ban smoking in public places or anywhere else. Others want to ban plastic bags. Of course, many want to ban guns, although they’re on a losing streak right now.

As far as plastic bags, they want to stop stores providing them to their customers. They want us to buy those cloth bags. I’ve seen people in line with their own bags. They’re usually rolled up and look a little grungy because they live most of their lives in a car trunk.

If I don’t want to buy cloth bags and that should be my choice. Further, Yosemite Sam and I usually recycle excess plastic bags and reuse the rest. We have a cat and dog (use your imagination). We line garbage cans. We would have to buy bags for those purposes when (not if) the stores stop providing plastic bags.

I used to smoke. I quit a long time ago, so I don’t have a dog in this hunt anymore. But, I’m amazed at how successful anti-smokers have been in banning public smoking particularly in bars. I spent part of my college years in cozy bars usually with friends and cigarettes. I can’t imagine those places without a haze of smoke. It ruins the image.

Of course, as a gun blogger guns are my thing. I’ve spilled many pixels here defending my gun rights and I’ll be damned if the nannies will win this one.

Another thing, I am most tired of Nanny-in-chief Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. I understand that restaurant chains in the city have to post calorie counts. Of course, it’s not enough to provide them in a handout, Bloomberg wants them on the menu or boards. It’s a good thing to know your foods’ nutritional values, but why Bloomberg won’t accept less intrusive ways to provide information is beyond me.

In short, no more nannyism, please.

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