Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Urge to rant - Increasing

I know I said yesterday that my inspiration to rant was diminished because of my dour view of the future of our country, but here is an issue that really has me boiling mad.

Via Sebastian, Say Uncle and Joe Huffman, here is a letter from Citi Merchant Services/First Data to CDNN Sports in Abilene, TX. Citi Merchant Services is a company that handles the merchant side of credit card transactions. Citi Merchant Services canceled CDNN Sports account because, get this: "sale of firearms in a non face-to-face environment." They go further and state: "Keep in mind that a violation of the Gun Control Act occurs when a gun offered online is sold to an individual in another State; the act prohibits selling a handgun to a resident of another state."
I assume they are referring to the 1968 Gun Control Act, but obviously the person who made this decision is not a lawyer because that law only applies to non-FFL's. It is perfectly legal to transfer handguns across state lines and not have a face-to-face transaction if it is between FFL's. This decision certainly has implications for C&R license holders.

Citigroup is one of the biggest banking companies in the world. Say Uncle says he is going to quit doing business with them, but that may not be possible. Their fingers are into everything. If you do anything in the realm of finance: buy a house, invest, make a credit card transaction, sooner or later, you will probably do business with Citigroup.

This gets me to my main point and where I part company with most Republicans. I fucking hate banks. I loathe them. And within the banking category, I reserve a special, white hot, fiery hate for credit card companies. In my opinion, they are pure evil. Maybe this feeling isn't completely rational, but that's the way I feel.
Credit card companies, with the help and support of the government, have gotten the American people addicted to a diet of easy credit and seemingly easy money. This attitude has led to the sub prime fiasco, that we are currently dealing with, which may lead to the crippling of our economy. Now that our entire economy is dependent on these bastards, they are now applying their personal preferences on all of us.

So, if they decide they don't like guns, well, no need to push for a law, they can just deny all firearm transactions.

Instant gun control.

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