Monday, June 18, 2007

National Concealed Carry Licensing

Instapundit mentioned a national concealed carry permit and Say Uncle mentioned his concerns about such a license. He wondered how it would be administered (see comments too).

I don’t think we need a national concealed carry license. All we need is for states to follow the “full faith and credit” provisions of the Constitution. My driver’s license is just as valid in Florida as it is in New Hampshire where it was issued. My New Hampshire concealed carry license (CCL) should be just as valid anywhere in the country.

One issue that comes up is some states have a CCL that’s harder to get than in other states. Well, bully for them. Some states have stricter driver’s license permits than others and they still honor the driver’s license.

Some states have different marriage laws, but still honor a marriage license from other states (Massachusetts allows gay marriage and a gay couple’s license would not be honored elsewhere, so this is a difference now that will one day be adjudicated one way or the other).

I admit to certain concerns with licensing concealed carry. I’d prefer that we could, as a nation, adopt permitless carry, which works well in Vermont and Alaska. I know that it would not be feasible politically. We can say “…shall not be infringed” all we want, but laws are passed and enforced and not declared unconstitutional.

Therefore, I pragmatically accept the need to have a permit before I carry a gun, especially because I really don’t want to go to jail. I don’t like stale bologna sandwiches, public showers, toilets in my bedroom, and so much more.

Since I accept having to beg for a CCL, is it too much to ask that it be accepted everywhere in the country just like my driver’s and marriage licenses?

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