Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Parker Foe's Hypocrisy

You know, I used to call myself a liberal. I believed in certain things that fit more into that camp. I stayed the same, but liberalism kept getting stranger and more, well, leftist. They left me behind and thank God they did.

Partially for that reason, I've been following the rants on the Parker decision with interest. You know the decision that, if not reversed, will strike down Washington, D.C.'s draconian gun laws.

There's no one particular rant I can point to; it's more of a cumulative thing. The rants that interest me most tend to fall into two groups:
  • Complaints about activist judges who strike down laws;
  • Complaints that the majority of D.C. voters support the laws and are being ignored.

First, many leftist victories were won with legal decisions passed by "activist judges." Abortion isn't mentioned in the Constitution, but it has become settled law (and I don't want to argue about this issue one way or the other). The same with gay marriage in my neighboring state of Massachusetts. I could give more examples, but you're with me on this one I do believe.

Second, the majority of D.C. voters might support the District's gun laws, but similarily in many states voters might support bans on abortion, gay marriage, and vote prayer back into public schools. The left would be aghast at what might happen if they truly supported government by plebiscite.

That's what has stuck me most about the left recently: their hypocrisy. No wonder they left me behind.

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