Wednesday, January 03, 2007

They say they want a Revolution

Instapundit has a link to an excellent site that has a photo montage of hypocritical hippie bumper stickers.

These pictures were taken in Berkley and are a collection of gas guzzling vehicles that have bumper stickers like "No Blood for Oil" and my favorite, a personalized license plate that reads AWD4MAO.

I don't know what Mao would have thought of AWD, but I do know that Mao would have pulled the punk ass driver out of this car and shoved his ass on a bicycle. If he was feeling charitable.
If he was in a bad mood, then his ass would have been off to a labor camp or if he was really pissed, a bullet to the base of the neck.

What cracks me up about these pictures is that these white-bread, wanna be revolutionaries would be the first against the wall if there ever was a Communist revolution. During the Cultural Revolution in China, Mao sent these kinds of people(mostly academics and white collar types) to the fields to work as peasants. Pol Pot just had them shot, as well as anyone who wore glasses and even looked vaguely intellectual.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe what this country needs is a decade or so of the kind of real tyranny that people experienced in Vietnam or Cambodia.

Hey, at the very least, it would rid us of these Bourgeois Marxists.

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